Wellness packages

Our wellness packages are designed to support both individuals and organisations through art therapy. We’re here to help, whether you’re struggling with a challenging situation at home, seeking support for your child, trying to create a healthy office environment, or simply seeking personal growth.  

By purchasing a package of counselling sessions or coaching consultations, you’re not only saving money. You’re making an important commitment to both yourself and the people around you, in your personal and professional life.

a heart created with painted hands, symbolising wellness packages for teams

For Organisations

Give your employees ongoing, individualised support with one of our employee packages. Each package is customised according to your organisation’s specific needs.

We offer packages at a reduced rate when your office also participates in our team building workshop. Further strengthen your team with one-on-one sessions to work through themes uncovered in your workshop.

Choose how long you’d like additional support, depending on your organisation’s well-being needs and team-building goals. We have 6-week, 12- week, and ongoing wellness packages available.

For Individuals

Whether you’re seeking coaching or counselling, sessions typically last 50 minutes and cost £99. In case of financial hardship, a reduced price may be considered. Upon request, you can book a 30-minute initial assessment for £45.

Pre-booking more sessions increases your discount and the time you have to focus on your goals in counselling. Wellness packages are valid for one year at the discounted rates listed below:

  • 6 counselling sessions, save 10%
  • 12 counselling sessions, save 20%
  • Ongoing counselling sessions, save 25%
a person packing colourful powder, symbolising wellness packages for individuals
child handpainting

For Families

If your child is going through counselling, this experience can also be quite challenging for you and the rest of the family. Get extra support for yourself and other loved ones who are touched by this process.

Through a family package, caregivers are provided private support sessions at discounted rates. This holistic therapy is designed to help your family develop effective coping mechanisms and healthy boundaries.

It is recommended that you schedule one private session for every three sessions your child has, but this package is catered according to your needs.

Wellness Packages for Challenging Times

At some point, we all must go through particularly difficult periods in our lives. You do not need to do this alone. Get counselling once a week with a 6-week, 12-week, or ongoing wellness package for:

  • Divorce, separation, or relationship issues
  • Gender and sexual orientation
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Trauma or PTSD
  • Addiction or substance abuse
a portrait of an individual, symbolising wellness packages for challenging times