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'The Socrates Project' Team Building Workshop

Diversity is always present and essential for innovation. For clear communications and creative co-operation amongst team members, we must both understand ourselves and acknowledge our differences. Art is a particularly excellent medium for both expressing oneself and perceiving others’ perspectives.

In this team building workshop, we focus on each individual’s unique contributions to a diverse team. By observing and appreciating differences, participants can create meaningful relationships for working together harmoniously. Added bonus: create a self-portrait you’ll be proud to hang on your wall!

Workshop Structure

Designed according to your team’s needs

6 hours of team building through art

All art materials provided

Come to us or we can come to you

Individual post-workshop coaching (upon request)

Workshop Gallery

Why do art processes work for team building?

Neuroplasticity is the change in neural pathways and synapses due to certain factors, like behaviour and environment. During this process, the brain deletes  neural connections that are not regularly used, while strengthening ones deemed necessary. Sadly, our brain activity becomes ‘set in its ways’, or ‘sclerotic’, due to the demanding routines of modern day life

Certain neuropaths weaken, while others increase in strength. We find ourselves attached to unhealthy patterns. This type of imbalance is further reflected in group dynamics, as teams begin to lose their plasticity and underperform. In the long run, this situation can lead to mental health problems. Issues like depression or anxiety obviously impact team member relationships and overall work performance. 

Art activities literally get our brains to function in a different way. Introducing the unfamiliar lights up parts of our brains that have been neglected, ultimately developing and improving important connections. So building stronger teams begins with supporting each individual’s mental health…and art works! That’s why we also offer wellness packages to support the individuals that make up your team.

What my clients say

How have our services changed lives? Hear from some of our workshop participants.

“I learned how to express myself via art.”

Portrait of woman at the beach
Workshop Participant
“We built a circle of sisterhood, inspiration and internal search, something which I will never forget in my life.”
Art work from team building workshop with a circle of unity
Workshop Participant
“Thank you for the great experience that you offered me.”

participant portrait of a queen
Workshop Participant