We provide a safe and supportive space where you have the opportunity to explore themes and patterns in your personal life. Our coaching can help you find the peace and contentment required to achieve your full potential. Discover how to break free of unhealthy cycles that are holding you back. 

portrait painted with water colours

Anyone wanting to confront challenges that are holding them back from achieving their potential could benefit from coaching. With one-on-one 1 support, rediscover your own strength to better manage and overcome personal obstacles.

Sessions are centred around your unique needs, which develop as we work together. Therefore, no two are alike. In our first session, we will explore your initial needs and goals. Subsequent coaching sessions focus on these topics, but allow space for others to emerge. Oftentimes, underlying themes are discovered and explored.

We will meet online, regularly, until you have achieved your objectives. Generally meeting for 45 minutes each week provides enough support for rapid progress. Depending on your coaching needs, we offer wellness packages for 6 weeks, 12 weeks and ongoing support. 

Each one of us is unique. Our counsellors design and customise artistic processes according to your individual needs, providing an alternative method for you to approach and resolving harmful feelings. Through artistic expression, you will learn more about yourself, gain new coping tools, and leverage resources for positive change.

You can only reach your full potential by addressing those barriers holding you back.  There’s no need to continually struggle with unhealthy patterns and unsatisfying outcomes. Through coaching, clients have been empowered to positively change their lives.